A few words from our valued customers

"Thank you to you and the team for the work on the car. Every time we bring the car in we are extremely happy with the service we receive and it was a nice surprise to find the car was even cleaned. We haven’t had any issues with the car so far, so all in all, we have been very pleased with our purchase decision. We look forward to coming back in another 6 months time." - Vinny & Georgina

"I took my XF Jaguar to John for a log book service for the first time last week...Very happy with his services, especially the fact that it was about half the price of my usual service cost...Highly recommended" ... - Derek Barlow

"Three cars through John -great detailing both mechanically and appearance." - Anthony Kibble

"Purchased a Jag from John who was recommended by a friend some 3 years ago & have been so pleased with his after sales service that I have referred numerous people to a car dealer who has honesty & integrity!!" - Henk Reinking

"My family has been buying cars from John for over 20+years - would always recommend - if you're looking for a good second hand Mercedes." - James Paul Miller

"Just wanted to let you know how happy and grateful I am with the work that Greg Papst and his team had done on my car on the 28th of April. I have had a long standing problem with my Mercedes C250CDi for almost 2 years with the car jolting badly when idle. This problem was driving me up the wall and I have had it investigated three times, two of which was by experienced Mercedes Benz technicians, but no one could figure out what was wrong with the car. The problem was so pronounced that I had been chronically stressed over this issue that cannot be resolved. Thankfully a friend of mine recommended that I see Greg about it. He quickly found the problem and I had the car returned fixed and serviced by the next day. It almost seemed too impossibly easy when I have been troubled by it for so long. I can't describe to you how absolutely relieved and happy I am over this. I had been spending countless hours doing long drives up and down the Coast in an effort to 'clear the carbon build-up' on the advice of another technician. All of this was to no avail and it was time that I couldn't afford. Greg is an absolute gem and such an asset to your business. He is so wonderful to deal with and I can't speak highly enough of him. What a genuine, honest, skilled employee you have and I look forward to having a long association with your business and to recommending it to my friends and family." - Regards - Carol